Pistol and Revolver Holsters

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M1912 Holster M1912 Holster
M1912 Holster

The M1912 Holster for the M1911 .45 Automatic Pistol had an extended swiveling hanger and this is what distinguishes the holster from the later 1916 Model. The leather strap was used to secure the holster to the soldier's thigh which prevented it from swinging about. It is interesting to note that this holster was used extensively by the USMC from 1917-1918 though the M1916 had been fielded in 1916. GWS Collection

M1912 Holster Mills Holster
Mills Holster

Available as a private purchase item were the durable web holsters made by the Mills Equipment Company. This holster is called the "U.S. Marine Corps Model" by Mills. The "Army Model" made by MIlls is of the M1912 design with swiveling hanger. GWS Collection

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